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Noise + Rattle Prevention — The Science of Sound

Whether it's the sounds of traffic from a busy street or just the sounds of life like a flushing toilet or the TV, unwanted noise can wreak havoc on families.

Sound is generated when an object vibrates. This can be a stereo speaker, your vocal cords, or a massive air horn on a train engine. The vibrating object creates sound waves in the air much like a stone creates ripple waves when thrown in a pond. These waves travel through the air to our ears and we hear them.

So any place air can move, so can sound and by reducing air movement in your customer’s home, you can reduce sound. For instance in order to prevent noise from travelling through the space under an interior door or around a window you can apply weatherstripping to the frame to make a better seal and minimize air movement.

What was that?

Deep loud noises cause loose windows and doors to rattle in their frames. Applying Sealmax weatherstripping will ensure everything fits snug and doesn't cause that startling sound.

FACT: Street traffic noise from in your house can register as loud as 85 db. That's louder than a piano being played in the same room!

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